Hey, What's Up? I'm

mitch canter.

WordPress Developer, Web Designer, Digital Strategist, and Content Creator living in Nashville, TN.

meet mitch

For over 15 years, Mitch has worked with companies both great and small to help them turn their ideas into beautiful designs and functional code. His designs have won awards, pushed the limits of technology, and shown people how to tell their stories online.

Mitch is an accomplished speaker and teacher, having travelled the world to lead workshops and conference sessions. He takes joy in breaking down complex topics into teachable lessons.

He currently works as Michael Hyatt & Co.'s Senior Developer. He also serves as the Project Manager for StreamerSquare - a company at the forefront of Streamer education.

In his spare time, Mitch is also a hiker, an avid video gamer, self proclaimed coffee snob, and spoony bard.