A New Year, With New Possibilities


I’m back, and with the new year came some rethinking and restructuring of how I do things / what my overall focus is going to be.  I’m all about transparency, and plus I’d like to share some of my goals for the year, because I want to get feedback from my friends and readers!  And so, here’s what I’ve got in the works for ‘09!

  1. I’m restructuring Dr. WordPress.  It’s been inactive for a few months now, so I’m turning it into a site that will be used to sell…
  2. …premium themes!  That’s right, starting… well, once I get one finished, I’ll be selling premium news themes on my sub-site.  It’ll be good to have Dr WordPress hosting those, since I can’t link to a site that gives away themes…
  3. …which brings me to number three – studionashvegas is releasing a free theme soon.  Sensing a trend as far as WordPress goes?
  4. That’s where most of my focus will be going.  My goal: to eat, sleep, and breathe WordPress so I can make myself an expert on the subject.  I also want to start a PodCast and/or a (bi)weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio/TalkShoe devoted to WordPress.  But that comes later – can’t do everything in the first month, now can I?

And now… I open the floor for discussion.  Is there anything on this list that is impossible, or just plain stupid for me to do?  What about something that’s *not* on the list that I am stupid for not doing?  If I should be doing it, I’d like to know 🙂