a small recap of #wcfay


I’m sitting back at my desk after a looooong series of flights back from Fayetteville, Arkansas today coming back from their inaugural WordCamp.  Chris Spencer did a fantastic job organizing an army of volunteers and sponsors, and the event was fantastic.  I’m hoping I get to go back next year, because there’s an immense pool of talent brimming from Fayetteville.

WordCamps always get me fired up to do cool stuff, and it was a catalyst of sorts for not only getting some cool stuff done with client work, but also for my own personal work.  After seeing the capabilities of WordPress 3.0 and what I can look forward to (and giving a session briefing on what it can do) I’ve decided it’s time to really get serious about a new site design.  So, look in the upcoming weeks as things change around the studionashvegas front – new offerings, new content, and even some new formats [screencasts, video, you name it].