BCN08 – Final Thoughts


This weekend was BarCampNashville for those of you who didn’t know or aren’t from the lovely Music City.  I gotta say that the BarCamp volunteers pulled out all the stops this year.  We had the Sommet center as our backdrop, there were lots of speakers on a variety of topics, and even I got into the mix with my presentations on WordPress and social media in general.

That said, to be honest, I didn’t really go to many other presentations.  No offence to the speakers – the ones I did go to were amazing – but I really felt better sitting in the hallways talking to passersby and networking – something I’ve neglected to do at a lot of other *camps in the past.

As far as the sessions I did see, I really enjoyed Nick’s presentation on how his new company works – there’s nothing out there like it, and I know he’s going to go far.  Goggan’s session on loss leaders taught me how to give away stuff – I’m taking his advice and releasing a free theme in the next few weeks.  Allen Fuller’s presentation on “Digital Media for Change” was spot on – great to see how the Internets can be used for good and not evil.

The sessions were scheduled ahead of time, letting everyone know what was going to happen, which is good for scheduling and seeing what sessions you want to see.  But, after the dust settled and all is said and done, it feels like BCN was a fantastic CONFERENCE.