The Best WordPress Social Sharing Buttons


If you run a blog (or a church site with some sort of event calendar or news section), having a place where your visitors and members can share your content is absolutely invaluable.  Sometimes all it takes is for people to start spreading the word about an event. By giving them the chance to do so, you increase your chances for people to know what’s going on in your church.  A few well placed social sharing buttons make it easy for people to share information about your event.

There are two easy to set up WordPress plugins that allow you to add sharing buttons to easily share content with your reader’s networks.

Most plugins for sharing buttons have the usual suspects built in: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.  Jetpack (mentioned below) has the added option of allowing you to add in a “Print” and “Email” button.  This is good for readers who aren’t necessarily social savvy, but still want to share your content.

On the flip side, “Simple Share Buttons Adder” goes for the customized approach – allowing you to add your own icons to their code to have a sharing experience that is uniquely yours.  You simply upload the icons and it takes care of the heavy JavaScript lifting.  And all of the widgets contain an “official” version of most sharing buttons – allowing you to use the tried-and-true, network-developed versions of any button you need.

Jetpack [Sharing Module]

Simple Share Buttons Adder