BlogWorldExpo Interactive Map


I’ve recently found Google Map’s “Map Builder”, and realized that with BlogWorld nearing the 2 week warning it would be handy to visualize where I’d be going, staying, travelling to, etc.  So, here’s a Google Map to help myself (and anyone who can use it) out.

Click here to view the map by itself

The map is split into 4 types of events:

  • Red marks the Javits Center for easy reference
  • Blue marks the official parties
  • Teal marks any unofficial parties
  • Green marks any non-blogworld event that may be of interest to people staying in New York (BarCamp and WordCamp, for example).

If you have an unofficial party or community event you’d like to add, send me a note at the form below and I’ll drop it into the map.

[gravityform id=”3″ name=”Add An Event” ajax=”true”]