BlogWorldExpo ’11 (#bweny) – A Post Mortem


Ok, I promise this is the last post about BlogWorld… but I wanted to elicit a bit of a briefing from people who attended (or didn’t attend) my session.  Namely, I had a few questions I’d like to get some answers to:

If you attended…

  1. Did you enjoy the session?
  2. What was your WordPress knowledge going in
  3. Did something I say or do convince you to switch to WordPress?
  4. Was there anything I did or said that was incorrect or erroneous?

If you did not attend (or attended for only a short time)…

  1. Did you consider attending, but reconsider later?
  2. Did you attend and leave midway through
  3. Why did you not attend / leave midway through?
  4. What would have enticed you to come / stay?

Four short questions for each group.  You can leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll try to answer each and every one.

Thanks again, and see you in BlogWorldExpo Los Angeles (#bwela) in November!