Theme Release: Downbeat 2.0


A long time ago, I released a version of my core WordPress theme, called Parthenon.  It was well received, but I ended up making so many changes to it that I eventually scrapped that theme – and the name – in favor of something more fitting to it’s purpose: to be the baseline for my client’s themes.  Thus, I created Downbeat about 2 years ago, and started building my client’s websites on top of it.

And it was good – it was built on the Skeleton framework, and was even modified to fit 1200px wide sites with 0 problems.

I read online a few days ago that Skeleton 2.0 was released, and I *really* like how slim this framework is – even more so than it was.

So, if you’re looking for a nice, lightweight theme to use as the starter for your web projects, may I suggest… Downbeat 2.0!

About Downbeat 2.0

Really, there’s a few theme enhancements, but this theme is meant for 2 things:

  1. Rapid prototyping for wireframes and mockups
  2. To be used as a child theme and built on top of

There are a few functions built in, but mostly ones that I use for my client’s to give them some freedom in customizing their experience:

  • Custom excerpt lengths (full, short, medium, long)
  • Use of tags
  • Use of Footer Widgets
  • Layout (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Full Width)
  • Logo Upload
  • …and more!

Get Downbeat 2.0

Head over to the Github Repository to download / fork the theme (and if you fork it and make it better, let me know and I may merge in the changes!).  If you’re happy with how it is, you can also use:

git clone downbeat

…and clone it right into your wp-content/themes folder (I added the ‘downbeat’ at the end to ensure that you have a clean theme folder to work with)


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the theme – as far as I know it’s one of the first ones using the new Skeleton 2.0 additions, and I’ve been extremely happy with Skeleton over the past two years.