5 Essential WooCommerce Extensions, Add-Ons & Plugins


WooCommerce is one of the most powerful WordPress eCommerce solutions on the market. Out of the box, it does everything you’d expect an eCommerce system to do:

  • Host products
  • Have a scannable product listing
  • Take orders for products
  • Accept payments through PayPal
  • Allow people to use coupons

But, sometimes, you need to think outside of the box.  Sometimes the default functionality is great, but not enough.  WooCommerce, by its very nature, is modular – you can add on extensions and plugins that will let you dive in and make your store your very own.

As I’ve set up WooCommerce sites for clients, I’ve come across a few extremely useful plugins that extend the things WooCommerce can provide. Here are five of my favorite WooCommerce extensions.

1) WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

It’s a simple option, but one that a lot of retailers could use.  If you want to offer Gift Wrapping, this plugin adds that functionality to the product page.  You can set a per-product cost to gift wrap, or allow the price to be set “by default” in the options screen.

Plugin Page | Cost: Free

2) WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro

My one complaint about WooCommerce: it uses the same post numbering system that the WordPress site uses.  This means that if you receive an order, create a blog post, and another order comes in, there will be a gap between those numbers.  That can wreak havoc on accounting software.  This plugin allows you to sequentially organize the numbers – and will also allow you to add a prefix or suffix to the orders!

Plugin Page | Cost: $49

3) WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note

If you fulfill your orders in-house, this let’s you print a copy of your invoice – delivery notes included – to include with the order. It’s one of those “does one thing and does it well” plugins, so don’t expect a LOT of bells and whistles.  Still, if you need the functionality, you can’t argue with the price on this plugin!

Plugin Page | Cost: Free

4) WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Sometimes you want to get creative with your selling. “Buy 2 of X, get Y Free!”. “Buy 5 of X and receive a discount!”. Buy X and Y, receive a discount!”.  This plugin allows you fine-tune your discounts.  Bulk discounts, special offers, and even “multiple item” group discounts are all possible. Clients are always amazed at just how in-depth this goes.

Plugin Page | Cost: $25

5) Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce

If you use Google Analytics, you can now take advantage of their “Enhanced eCommerce” tracking.  This free plugin sets up the necessary code to track, monitor, and log any eCommerce events you have set up in Google Analytics.

Plugin Page | Cost: Free

Am I missing any WooCommerce extensions?

If you have any “must-use” WooCommerce extensions / plugins, please leave them in the comments!