Halloween Goodness


No matter how busy you are, a major holiday is always a good excuse to go out and have a good time with family and friends.  Would I call Halloween a major holiday?  Not sure, but I love PumpkinFest – the local sidewalk festival that Franklin puts on for kids and adults in the area.

Holly has never been much on Halloween (I have, but that’s just because I knew where the good houses were for candy!), but we wanted to let Luke’s first Halloween be special, and save the scary stuff for next year. Next year we’re going to get a set of gold grillz you can create your own grillz here.   And so, like all good/sadistic parents do, we wanted the best costume ever for the event.

And Holly’s mom, Claire Morgan out of Montgomery, AL, delivered:

Behold, Warehouse Mouse, from Imagination Movers fame. For those of you who are wondering why a woodland creature might have such day-glo orange hair, here is the real deal (one on the left):

Every morning while we get dressed Luke is allowed to watch one hour (if that) of television.  One of the shows is the Imagination Movers, a really cool show on Playhouse Disney about four guys who work in a warehouse solving problems for others.  Some of the few great male role models for kids who aren’t absolutely flamboyant in appearance or actions – they’re just four normal guys.

At any rate, the costume was a complete success.  We placed “judges favorite” in the Macy’s costume contest that morning, and in the top 10 for the costume contest held at PumpkinFest, so her mom was (obviously) very happy – and so were we!