Howdy Against Humanity – A Fun WordPress Plugin


I’ve been on a plugin writing kick lately.  I decided this time I wanted to have a little fun with the “Howdy” up in the top corner.  Thus is born…

Howdy Against Humanity!


This plugin changes the “Howdy” in the top right corner to something much more fun (and sometimes irreverent). It pulls a random phrase on every page load, and displays it next to your username. Written for kicks and giggles.


== If you’re installing this plugin from inside WordPress, skip to Step 3 ==

1: Download the plugin from the WordPress Repository

2: Unzip the plugin

3: Upload the plugin directory through FTP to your /wp-content/plugins directory

4: Activate the plugin through ‘Plugins’

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a suggestion for a Howdy Against Humanity saying.

A: Shoot me an email at or tweet @studionashvegas.


1.0: Initial Version


Download Howdy Against Humanity