New Design Comp 1


I’ve finished the new design for the site.  I’d love to get feedback for it – please, if you have a few minutes, leave me some ideas or what I could better!

UPDATE: I finished all of the comps – I have some special page templates for certain sections of the site – so I’m including all the comps here for a thorough review.




PORTFOLIO PAGE (clicking on the image leads to a case-study/testimonials section):

PHOTOS (Gallery):

PHOTOS (Single):

You may notice, “Hey, there aren’t any comment styles!” That’s because i’m going to be testing a new service, Echo, and i’m not sure what they’ll look like. There will be comments, don’t worry – just not sure what the styling will be exactly.

So please, critique away; coding begins in my spare time tomorrow and I hope to have this rolled out by the end of the week.