PodCampOhio Show – Wrapup


It was sort of last minute last night, but I did get a chance to join Dr. Anonymous, AngeloMandato (congrats again on the baby – hope it wasn’t me that spoiled your secret), Brandice, Daniel, and podcasting newcomer Brad (?) in Dr. Anonymous’ weekly show over on BlogTalkRadio.  It was a great time (and I got to show off the obligitory baby pictures) and talk about some things being discussed on the PodCampOhio front.

We discussed whether or not the event should be a one or two (well, one-and-a-half) day event.  Personally, if it could be coordinated to work, then absolutely.  But it’s a tough challenge for the promoters and organizers, most of which are donating their time.  It’s also hard for the people who come in from out of town (like myself) to get hotels for multiple days and arrange work schedules to match a two-day event.

We also talked to Brad about what beginning podcasters can do to overcome their shyness on-air.  If you’re sort of creeped out by hearing your own voice, record yourself reading your favorite book.  Since it’s something you enjoy, you’ll be passionate about it, and you will enjoy what you hear.

So big thanks again to everyone who came, and don’t forget Dr. A has a monthly PodCamp show that’s fantastic and has a lot of great things going on. So, don’t miss it!