Post Ordering Made Easy


I love using WordPress’ built in custom post types.   I’ve used them for sliders, directories, galleries, and pretty much anything else I can think to use them for.  The one gripe I have, however, is that I can’t manually set the order of the posts.  Just like typical blog posts, I have to arrange them by hacking the dates to order them correctly.

Post Types Order, however, changes that.

It allows you to drag-and-drop your posts to put them in exactly what order you require.  It especially works great for slideshows because, instead of fixing the date to rearrange them, a simple click-and-drag does it for you.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, make sure to save your settings to register them, and then you’re ready to go.  Head over to your post section and click “re-order”, and that will take you where you need to go.