Roll Call! NashMash Twitter Users, Speak Up!


I’ve gotten a LOT… a BOATLOAD… a RIDONKULOUS amount of new users from the Nash Mash list (and still getting them).  Don’t worry if you get one of those autogenerated messages from me – I really do want to connect and meet any new people in the Nashville area.  But, since i’ve got you on my list now, I might as well let you know how I roll:

  1. I love conversations.  I do not love spammers.  If you spam me, I will delete you. Period.
  2. That’s not to say that as a graphic designer I won’t like what you do / sell / use.  BUT, send me a DM to review it or to meet for coffee – don’t blow up my twitterstream (and don’t blow up my @replies or my DM’s either – one is fine)
  3. I give out WordPress help quite a bit, but I also DO WordPress design for a living – if you like what I have to say, you’ll like my personal work even more! OK, that was my shameless plug…

That being said, if you are catching this post, and have me on your list due to the NashMash list, please leave me a comment.  I want to get to know some of you nashvillians, and this is a great place to do it (and on twitter too, don’t forget!)