See You At #SoSo! (Social South)


Ever since I heard about SoSo back, waaaaaay back a year ago I’ve been looking forward to when it would come to fruition.  Well, tomorrow, that day finally arrives.  It’s been a while in the making, but the Magic City becomes abuzz with speakers, social media enthusiasts and others who are interested in learning or teaching their craft.

There are high level speakers (the keynote is Richard Binhammer & Lionel Menchaca from Dell and even a speaker livecasting from Bahrain).  And, there’s me, a not-so-high level (compared to some of the other talent that’s going to be there).  I’ll be doing a roundtable discussion with fellow WordPress enthusiast Andre Natta and Jeff Vreeland tomorrow afternoon.

I’m also going to (hopefully) be videoing myself interviewing my friends and coworkers there to see what they plan on learning, if nothing else for practice when I start doing the videoblogging on here I want to do.

So, If you’re coming, see you there, and make sure to hook up with me and say hello!