Social South: Day 1 – Way Better than Just #SoSo


Today was Day 1 of the Social South conference in Birmingham, and everything was definitely in full swing from the get-go.  Although it’s late, I do have some takeaways I want to talk about so I can get them out of my brain and onto the blog.

  1. No one is an expert in Social Media – it’s too new of a medium for anyone to be an expert.  Calling yourself an expert only makes it apparent that you aren’t really an expert.
  2. People seem to really love Robert Scoble here.  Apparently, in 10-15 years, all of us will be like him and will have our own spheres of influence. 
  3. It’s not how many followers you have, it’s how many fans you have (and no, you don’t need 10K followers to have fans).
  4. It doesn’t matter how much social media you use – if your product sucks, it will always suck.  Put out a better product.
  5. Above average is the new average – you can’t do anything less online, because people expect the extra mile.
  6. Being a designer that understands marketing in a room full of marketers is a fun place to be 😉

Honestly, it all boils down to taking care of people by putting out great content.  By providing great content, you provide your readers with a reason to trust what you say. As that trust builds over time, they start to tell others, who tell others, who tell others still, until you can become one of the Rockstars that people talk about so much in this field.

Tomorrow’s going to be just as awesome, I can tell, so I’ll see you guys there!