studionashvegas has a new look


I know I know i’ve been neglecting the site for a bit, but i’m releasing fresh with a (sort of) new style and some new features.

The obvious difference is the color scheme.  It’s getting to be fall/winter, and that seems to be my fallback (get it, "fall" back) color choice.  I like the dark wood paneling, and zygat3r did an amazing job on it.

Second is the new "lifestream".  After some glorious hacking from FriendFeed’s widget I’ve managed to get a working badge on the site.  It has a lot of sites in it, and you can bet with BarCampNashville coming it’s going to be a hub for me as well as anyone who cares what’s going on with me.

Finally, I will be taking all of my portfolio pieces down (minus a few) and starting from scratch in posting them.  I’ve neglected to put new work on, and I plan on releasing works that I have permission to post now.

As far as other noteworthy items, I will be releasing a free WordPress theme in the coming weeks.  I’ve got the code done – i just need to test it for usability issues.

So, enjoy the new site, and let me know what you think!