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Change Has Come To The White House… Website

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If you have't seen the new White House government site, I have to say that Obama's web guys know what they're doing.  Nice feature rotator, inviting color scheme, and easy-to-use links to all the important parts - kudos to the people behind this website. The coolest part, as mentioned by @allenfuller, is that the inside pages have the oval office walls at the top. …

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Good Design in Politics, Part 1


I’ve been following the elections with great care this year.  It’s probably one of the most contested, heated, angry, fun-to-watch-SNL again elections that history has seen.  At any rate, it’s good to see that both parties have embraced the Internet for campaigning, and have stepped into the 21st century as far as their websites go. First, Obama: I have to say that whoever designed…

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