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WP-Migrate-DB: Migrating a WordPress Installation in 5 Easy Steps


If you're a WordPress developer, migrating a finished development project can be one of the trickiest parts.  There's moving parts in many places that have to be taken into consideration, and migration is (unfortunately) where WordPress actually could use some improvement.  However, it's a necessary evil - one that I've done almost daily for a few years now.  I've developed a nice system to…

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The Case of the Disappearing Widgets


I've migrated tons of WordPress sites in my tenure as a WordPress developer, but over the years one thing would always bother me: my widgets kept disappearing.  I'd dump the SQL database and import it to the new server only to find that every single widget had vanished. So, I looked for a solution. WP-Migrate-DB (despite it's fancy title) keeps every option and SQL line…

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