The Location War: Mid-Battle Report

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So, as promised a few weeks ago on Twitter, I decided to give a few services a try, and weed out the ones that I felt like weren’t serving my purpose well.  After almost a month of testing, I’ve finally narrowed it down to the two top contenders: Foursquare and Gowalla.

IF all things continue as they are, however, Foursquare is likely to be my contender of choice.

Why?  Because I can actually use it everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Gowalla.  I think it has a nicer interface, its “trips” section lets you get out and explore major cities, and the concept of items intrigues me (it could allow for a lottery type system to reward people who visit your store and receive your item, for example). But, for the life of me, I can’t get the freakin’ GPS to work all the time.

Actually, I can’t get it to work nearly half the time.

Foursquare, without fail, lets me check in to every single place I go to.  Gowalla’s GPS, while somewhat good, still lacks because it’s very off-center.  A Gowalla check-in could get me anywhere from 250 – 500 meters off location.

So, for now, Foursquare has my attention.  If Gowalla can get its GPS onpoint, then it has a real chance, but until then, if I can’t use it… well, I won’t.

NOTE: I didn’t make this decision because it’s foursquare day, but it is very fitting.  Happy Foursquare Day!