Three Awesome Vendors from BlogWorldExpo in New York


This won’t be my last post about BlogWorld, but I think it will be one of your favorites.  While I was on the expo floor I got to meet up and talk to a lot of really great vendors (both of services and software) and see just what they were all about.  I wanted to share three of them with you because they really stood out.


I’ve already written a blog post about them, but they’ve basically replaced the commenting system in my blogs (formerly powered by Disqus). I love the fact that they utilize the WordPress commenting moderation system and only replace the visual element instead of having to learn a new panel to navigate through.


Yes, THAT MapQuest.  They’ve come out swinging with a new interface and one of the more feature rich map builders I’ve seen.  I’ll be doing a demo soon, but take it from me: if you do anything with maps and want a completely custom experience, then you should give their Map Builder WordPress plugin a go (once again – full review coming later)


HTML5 is coming through like a hurricane, and as more companies build in support our mobile devices become happier and better to use.  WebDoc takes a lot of the guesswork out of HTML5 by allowing you to create “WebDocs” with video, audio, photo slideshows, and even voting and counter widgets.  But it’s not just one – you can add any number of elements to a WebDoc.  Want a photo with a voting widget? Done.  A slideshow with a countdown? Perfect.  Simply publish and drop in the embeddable code into WordPress.

As an example I’ve dropped a few of my New York photos into a slideshow – I have to say, it looks “mighty fine”.