Two Recently Updated Plugins YOU Should Be Using


Every now and then, just because I’m the biggest WordPress dork I know, I like to just peruse the plugin database to see what’s been updated recently.  After all, how can you use new plugins if you don’t know they’re there?  I’m glad I looked when I did – I found a few plugins that give you some sweet new functionality.


I’ll be honest – this plugin may start to fill a gap that I’ve had in my toolbox: content that anyone can edit.  This drops in a wysiwyg editor no different than your typical page and post editor right into the sidebar.  This lets you have full control over your content, even so much as to allow photo and video uploads.  Basically, it’s the full page editor in a bite-size package, and who couldn’t ask for more?


Front End Editor

Another sweet editing plugin that lets you edit your content on the page. This means you can head to the page you want, click the edit button, and do your thing.  Photo uploading, formatting; all of the good parts are there and it works a LOT better than the WYSIWYG editor for exact page formatting.  After all, what better way to lay things out than on the page itself, no?