Upcoming Conferences to Consider


I love conferences.

There is a certain vibe you can only get from being in a room with people who are just as excited as you about a subject.  And not just because there’s great speakers: some of my favorite times at a conference come from the “hallway track” – getting out of the session halls and chatting with people I see.  I’ve made some great contacts – and some great friends – hanging out in the lobby of a conference.

In 2016, I stepped back from speaking at conferences as frequently as I have in the past. My wife and I were expecting a new baby, and I wanted to make sure I was around to help her with the challenges that arise when there’s a newborn in the house.

Now that the baby’s nearly a year old (holy crap where does the time go?!), it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve put applications in to speak at some fantastic conferences like I’m the baby, and (regardless of whether or not I get accepted), it’s worth looking at these if you’re in any sort of development, design, or digital strategy role.

WPCampus (July 14-15)

WPCampus is an education-based WordPress conference. Their community is super helpful if you use WordPress in any sort of high education setting.

Inbound 2017 (September 25-28)

Inbound purpose (from their website) is to “provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to grow and transform your business.” It’s a fantastic conference for any content creator.

TBEX Ireland (Oct 3-5)

I love the TBEX conferences. A sister conference of NMX, I love being able to branch out and speak internationally whenever I can. This year’s conference is in Killarney, Ireland, which is my favorite country to visit.

HighEdWeb (Oct 8-11)

The definitive High-Ed digital conference. It was “created by and for all higher education web professionals—from programmers to marketers to designers to all team members in-between—who want to explore the unique web issues facing colleges and universities.”

If you have any questions about these events – I’ve been to two of them (all but WPCampus) – I’ll be more than happy to answer any you have. OR, if you have any other suggestions