Using a Child Theme in WordPress


Most WordPress themes, by and large, are ready to go out-of-the-box.  Every now and then, however, we have to make changes to a theme that goes beyond the standard options and settings the theme gives us We may have to change a layout, add some content, or simply rearrange the elements on the theme; there are some things you just can’t use a radio button or check-box for.  If you’ve ever had to – or plan to – change your theme, it’s imperative you use a WordPress child theme.

A child theme takes the options, settings, and layout from a parent theme – a source theme – and allows you to overwrite elements as you see fit.  You can bring in all of the settings, but change a specific template to look and feel how you want – all while keeping the original theme’s files in tact.  And if that theme releases an update, you’ll get the benefits of the update without losing your customizations.  It’s a win-win!