Welcome to studionashvegas v4.0


It’s been long overdue for a design refresh, and this weekend I pulled up my bootstraps and got to work.  There are quite a few things going on (both inside and out) that have brought my template into the new year (and will keep it on top for a few years to come!)

1) HTML 5/CSS3

The site is (as best as I can at the moment) coded in validated HTML5 and CSS3.  Both are changing and evolving, but thanks to some handy-dandy javascript even Internet Explorer renders the site as best as it should.  The result? Clean, semantic code that loads fast and does what it’s supposed to

2) De-cluttered Home Page

There was a LOT of stuff going on when you got the front of my site.  I took out all of the unimportant stuff and tried to make it as easy as I could for people to:

  1. find out who I am
  2. see my work
  3. hire me!

The front page does just that – if you want to learn more, then by all means keep reading!

3) Framework

I’m running my own client framework under the site (nothing special like StudioPress – just my own set of snippits and code functions) which means that my site works and operates just like a client’s – makes it easy to debug problems that way on both types (mine, and others).

4) Separation of “Church and “State” (Personal and Business)

This one is always the hardest, but I don’t want to mix the two now because there’s so much on both counts I want to say and don’t because I’m afraid of turning users off.  So, there’ll be links back and forth, but my personal blog will remain at mitchcanter.com, while my WordPress stuff stays here!

5) Focus on Content

The one complaint I consistently got was that my site was so dark it was hard to focus on content.  I did some research on colors, styles, font sizes, and what I came up with was a combination of my personality and good user experience.  The font is big enough to read on an iPhone without any trouble – and you can still navigate the full site easily.  The blog titles are big, bold, and out there – meaning anyone can see what you’re reading about and strike up a conversation (plus, I’m a sucker for big blog post titles).  Basically, what you see is the result of lots of man hours of research and planning.

Please, let me know what you think of the new design, and if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints – I’d love anyone’s input no matter how honest.