Yes, Another WordPress Update. So?


WordPress released their press release about WordPress 3.0.4.  As soon as it did, I saw the WordPress hashtag on twitter light up – people complaining about having yet another security update.  I hate to get on a soapbox about this, but seriously – you’re going to complain about people working to make your site as secure as it could be?  There are people working around the clock sometimes to make sure that your site doesn’t get hacked, and most of the files that are affected by this are files that plugins won’t touch, so there’s little to no chance (unless they  mention it specifically) that there are plugins that won’t work with an update.

It takes two clicks to update and secure WordPress – that’s 20-30 seconds out of your day to put up a wall against hackers diving into your site and messing things up.  And if they did get in, I vantage to say that most of these same people would be complaining about how insecure WordPress is.

Besides, look at Drupal or Joomla – how many security patches have THEY put out, and they’re more like Swiss cheese sometimes than a CMS.  Not that they’re bad – they just don’t have the core following of people making sure things are smooth and safe.

Anyway, the new version is out – go update and make yourself safe against the cyberterrorists of the world.