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Under the Hood with WordPress, Part 6: jQuery / JavaScript


This is our final post of a 6-part series on diving "under the hood" with WordPress. Today, we're covering jQuery and JavaScript - a power language that can manipulate elements and - in some cases - even bring content in, even after the site has loaded. Intro HTML CSS - Introduction CSS - Examples PHP / MySQL jQuery We're in the home stretch with our WordPress…

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A Responsive Menu Solution for WordPress

Development, WordPress

Edited 01/14/14 to work with WordPress 3.8 A few months ago I modified a really cool WordPress template and started using it for my own clients.  As part of the overhaul, I realized that there was no really good way (included) to turn a WordPress unordered list into a menu that would work on a mobile device.  I tried a few different solutions, but…

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Easy Javascript ToolTips in WordPress


A client needed a simple way to preserve real estate on the sidebar, but still have the ability to display their policies at a quick glance.  I found a plugin on the repository that uses the TipTip jquery script and condenses it down into a simple-to-use shortcode (complete with button on the editing screen). The plugin is called "WordPress Tooltip", and can be downloaded…

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Foursquare vs. Gowalla… annnnnd fight!

Tutorial, WordPress

<script type="text/javascript">function initMenus() {    $('ul#accordion li ul').hide();    $.each($('ul#accordion'), function(){        $('#' + this.id + '.expandfirst ul:first').show();    });    $('ul#accordion li h2.widgettitle').click(        function() {            var checkElement = $(this).next();            var parent = this.parentNode.parentNode.id;             if($('#' + parent).hasClass('noaccordion')) {                $(this).next().slideToggle('normal');                return false;            }            if((checkElement.is('ul')) && (checkElement.is(':visible'))) {                if($('#' + parent).hasClass('collapsible')) {                    $('#' + parent + ' ul:visible').slideUp('normal');                }                return false;            }            if((checkElement.is('ul')) && (!checkElement.is(':visible'))) {                $('#' + parent +…

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