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Building a Portfolio With Custom Post Types / Taxonomies: Files & Meta


Yesterday we took a look at the beginning parts of building a portfolio using WordPress.  It basically boiled down to a few parts: Create the Post Type (done yesterday) Create The Taxonomies (Color Scheme [tag based], Work Done, WordPress Functionality Used) (done yesterday) Create Archive / Single pages for post type Create Meta Box Assign Meta Box Data to Single Page Assign Taxonomy Data…

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How to set up multiple “layouts” in a post loop (a la TechCrunch)


I’ve seen a lot of hateful comments on TechCrunch regarding their new design.  I’m going to officially go on-record and say that (from a design standpoint) I really like where they’re going with the new style.  But, beyond that, under the surface, there’s a few other things that appear to be going on (I say appear because I don’t have access to the backend…

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