WordCampColumbus, the Podcast, and more.


There was quite a bit of stuff going on this weekend.  So much that if I wrote an individual post about every single thing it seems like it would take more than one blog post.  I think a “crib notes” version would be a little easier to digest, so without further ado, here’s what’s going on in the life of studionashvegas.


I travelled over the weekend to WordCampColumbus in Ohio.  While I didn’t make it in time for the speaker meetup, I did manage to get there the night before, shoot some pool with “Mr. WP Beginner” himself Syed Balkhi and Brian Layman from WebDevStudios.  The next day was the event itself.  I hooked up with Andrew Nacin (@nacin), one of the core developers of WordPress, as well as Sean Vosler, Nile Flores of blondish.net (with whom Syed and I did an off-the-cuff panel), Jeff Chandler (Finally!), John ParkinsonKim Parsell, Ryan Imel (founder and editor of WPCandy.com), Bill Rice, and quite a few more (I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you by name – it would have filled this blog post!).  Needless to say the event was a blast, and Angie Meeker did a fantastic job organizing it.  Columbus is one of my favorite cities, and I’m looking forward to next year already! (And I’m sure Nacin and Ryan will want a rematch playing pool 😉

The WP-Drivecast

I had a HUGE response regarding my “on the drive home” podcast about WordPress.  So much, in fact, that I’m moving it to it’s own server.  Episode 1 is on a bare-bones WordPress template located here: http://www.wpti.me.  I figure I’ll record another episode or two and (once I get time) can build up the features.  But for now, the content shall remain surpreme.  I’ll put the subscription link up once I get a chance to edit the details (tonight? I hope!).

Guest Blogging

Look for me to be popping up in your favorite WordPress sites soon.  I’m opening myself up to do some guest blogging (you’re more than welcome to contact me if you want me to write for you!) and my first post will be on New Tricks this Thursday (The series is called “How to Run With the Big Dogs”).

So… as you can see, I try to stay busy.  With projects, my work at Bridgestone of Americas, and everything else going on, I often wonder when I will sleep?  But, onward we go, and I’d rather be busy than not.