Socialites & Gamification: “Better, Together”

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Socialites, in games, love the idea of spending their interactions (and time) with other players. There are two main reasons why a socialite continues to use a platform or game. One, they enjoy the features you’ve implemented to keep them around. Two, the people they have met are on your platform as well. If either of those two elements becomes an issue, they (and sometimes, their whole friend circle) have no problems leaving your platform to go somewhere else.

The Socialite strives to have as many contacts and friends as they can. These players, in traditional games, go on to be community pillars or guild leaders. The people that follow them are heavily influenced by their methods, style, and opinions they have on the game or construct.

Socialites (usually) are the best ‘brand ambassadors’. After all, if someone has a group of followers INSIDE the construct, it’s safe to say they have one OUTSIDE as well – one they may be willing to leverage to help advertise and/or showcase their own following. It’s a win for everyone.

Things that Appeal to Socialites

  • Social Features: The ability to find, retain, and communicate with other players is paramount for a socialite. If you can give them a method to communicate outside of the game construct, they’ll be even more likely to stay in communication with your brand. A Discord server is a great way to do this cheaply and easily.
  • Prestige: While also appealing to Achievers, Prestige is less about actual achievement and more about social status. A rare title or flair may mean nothing to an Achiever, but a socialite will wear it with pride. Acknowledging this prestige gives socialites an ego boost – one they will happily share with their fans and/or followers
  • “Off-Site Identity”: Make it easy for socialites to share your brand/content outside of your construct. Chances are, if they are popular inside, they also have a following outside. Finding influencers on other networks that use your service, and interacting with them, is a great way to show you’re listening. Plus, it shows them you exist on platforms outside of your own!

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