Podcasting with PowerPress


We are right in the middle of the “second wave” of podcasting.  If you’re a younger person (low to mid 20s) you may not realize just how popular podcasting was back in the 00’s.  It’s back, and bigger than ever, and most brands would benefit from having some sort of podcasting element on their site or blog.  And the easiest way to do that is with PowerPress – the de facto podcasting plugin for WordPress.

Why Podcasting?

Podcasting is, in a nutshell, a “passive medium”.  Unlike YouTube videos or blog posts, which must be actively watched, a podcast can be consumed while doing other things.  A lot of people I know consume podcasts during their exercise time, their daily commute, or while sitting at their desk working.

What is PowerPress?

PowerPress is an easy way to integrate an audio feed – with the proper setup – into your WordPress site.  It allows you to set up your show, add album art, and have a special feed simply for your podcasting episodes.

The video above is a 10 minute introduction to PowerPress – it’ll show you how to install the plugin, set up the basic options, and how to add a podcast episode.